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Stefan Rose

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Stefan A. Rose received BFA and BSc degrees from Mount Allison University. He was 2010 City of Kitchener Artist in Residence, and his solo and collaborative photography and videos have been in numerous exhibitions and international performances. His longer-term series explore effects upon landscapes to meet human needs: tech workers’ condos replace Victorian buildings in Kitchener-Waterloo; permanent habitation’s marks on the St. Lawrence River; diverted rivers and canals around Niagara Region.
Stefan uses an antique 1927 Korona 8x20-inch and modern Shen Hao 4x10-inch large-format film view cameras. 8x20-inch (20x50cm) images are contact-printed – a 1:1 process that retains the negative’s detail; 4x10 black-and-white negatives are enlarged to 8x20 in his darkroom, colour 4x10 negatives are scanned and digitally printed as 8x20-inch prints. Darkroom prints are on 10x21-inch (25x53cm) double-weight gelatin-silver paper. Digital colour prints are on semi-matte paper.

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