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Sophie Bohee Kim

Basically her work is inspired by her experience related to the beauty and simplicity of traditional Korean pottery.

She began her journey with clay in South Korea where she learned the traditional skills of carving and inlay. She continue to experiment with different colours of clay and a combination of glaze and raw finishes.

She is interested in making kichenwear that can be used on a daily basis and bring joy to the user. She use carving and inlay techniques that are inspired by nature for embellishment.

Her aim is to create objects of art that embody Korean aesthetics with functionality, which is represented by the carnation, the Korean symbol of gratitude. Especially she seek to apply inlaying that is Korea's traditional skill on pieces which can be standed out boldly as a main point and be harmonized with clay.

Please email or DM on instagram for any commissions.

Craft & Design

(sold!) Mug

  • 2021
  • 12 x 11 x 12 cm
  • $40

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