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Saskia Wassing

Welcome to my colourful world where my embroideries tell stories and express what I see and imagine.
My family lives across the globe, I take comfort in the memories and connections to the people & places I love. Originally from England, tea drinking is all important. The china used, the history & memory they hold. Birds have always captured my imagination with their colourful plumage, habitats and rituals. They become playful characters connected to and intertwined with the places I travel.

My process starts by drawing, collecting my ideas and observations in sketchbooks. I then use my basic domestic sewing machine as a drawing tool. I stitch freely, embroidering onto a layered textile ground, building up with thread the images, patterns & textures that communicate my textile narrative.

I am an artist, designer and educator trained at Glasgow School of Art in Scotland.
Learn more about my work on my website.
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