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Sara Petroff

I was put on this earth to create and only in recent years have I unleashed my untapped potential.  With degrees in both Visual Fine Arts and Interior Design, I have served as the curator and artistic director of Toronto's prominent Petroff Gallery for over 20 years, coached countless artists in their professional practice, juried art shows, taught art and sat on several boards and advisory committees in the arts.  All the while dreaming that it should be my artwork up on those gallery walls!  

In 2013, I sold Petroff Gallery to establish Petroff Design, a thriving Interior Design and Art Consulting practice, with the intent of striking a balance between my day job in front of the computer and my dream job in my studio, where I am truly happiest, hands dirty, pushing the medium and creating something from nothing.   If not me, then who? And if not now, then when?
So there it is: I was born an artist, but have taken the long road to get back to where I am meant to be!

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