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Sandra Manzi

I was born in Toronto, and graduated from OCAD, and then earned a B.A. in Fine Arts at the University of Guelph. My inspiration starts with the figure, and my intention is to transfer the intimacy and vulnerability of my human experience onto a painting. My process involves manipulating the various states of transparency in the overlay of different images. Figurative images get layered with natural or synthetic elements. I am attracted to the challenge involved in painting the detail in these images, in the mystery and the tension created, and in the way colour, composition, and texture get distorted. When painting, I look for little passages of visual magic in the way skin tone, and the figure itself blend in and out of certain areas. The paintings are dense with visual information yet unclear, forcing the viewer to really look and connect both emotionally and visually.

I will be live at Stackt Market with TOAF on Saturday July 10 & Sunday July 11! Come by and see my work in person.


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