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Sabine Wecker

Sabine Wecker was raised in Germany where she was educated in a ceramic art school (Keramikfachschule Landshut). After a twenty-year break in ceramics, Wecker dove back into clay at the University of Regina finishing a BFA in Visual Arts in 2021. In 2020 she was awarded the C.D. Howe Scholarships for Art and Design by the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts. Sabine is looking forward to start her MFA program in the fall of 2021.
Her artistic focus is the expression of the ceramic object as inherent abstraction. Her abstract vessels mainly start with thrown forms on the potter’s wheel. Altering and hand-building are part of her working process. In her recent work she conceptualizes the vessel highlighting roles and identities of an archetypal mother based on her own experiences as a daughter and mother of two. A leitmotif is the maternal role of holding space. Identity and balance are not only expressed through formal qualities, but also complemented by intentional surface treatments.

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