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Richard Bond

My art works are made entirely of glass. Each piece is a hand-crafted original artwork created by cutting, sandblasting, laminating and/or layering, various pieces of multicoloured opaque and/or clear glass. No paint or colouring media is applied, the colours originate from the glass itself, and they are permanent.
Inspired by my love of the natural environment, and responding to the sinuous movement contained in the glass itself, my artworks evolve intuitively, into suggestive tactile pieces that invite the viewer to explore with both hand and eye.
This is a unique art form pioneered myself.

I graduated from the Ontario College of Art in 1983 and with an art career spanning 35 years, I’ve received numerous awards and significant commissions. My greatest honour came in 2010 when I was selected by the Canadian Government to create a series of special artworks to be presented to the world leaders attending the 2010 World Summit in Toronto.

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