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Nancy Newton

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The foundation of my art practice involves using gestural marks to create the illusion of depth, space and movement on a two-dimensional surface.

Dramatic landscapes inspired my first works. Site sketches were transformed into paperwork and canvases in the studio, and eventually music began to take a role. Today, working quickly to avoid interference of conscious thought, I engage in active painting in my preferred water-based mediums, acting on impulse, emotion and spontaneity. Canvases rotate through layers of acrylic paint applications.

My interest in music informing mark-making is documented in the book, "Sound Seed - Born from Music". At excerpts play depicting how I visually translate soundscapes. A third exhibition inspired by the musical composition "Dream-e-scape" is scheduled in September 2021.

Canvases are on a wooded stretcher, unframed and ready to hang. Deliveries outside Toronto require additional shipping costs. Contact me at [email protected]


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