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Nadia Lassman

I am an Impressionist-inspired painter specializing in waterlilies, cupcakes and beaches, often with tactile effects. I also specialize in Custom Vacation Photo Memory paintings tailored to one's decor and size specifications, where we discuss colours as I work from your photo, resulting in meaningful home decor! I am an international artist with showings in Toronto, New York, Miami, Paris and Scottsdale and my work has appeared in Vogue, House & Garden, World of Interiors, Mayfair Life and House of Coco magazines. My work reflects the happiness I feel, the beauty of nature, and my joy in travelling. My water scenes are imbued with luminosity and warm, radiating contentment. It is often said people feel peaceful and joyful when viewing my works, which makes me feel so grateful as I feel this way while creating the pieces.


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