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Morgan Booth

Morgan Booth is an established Pop Figurative artist based in Toronto, Canada. Her signature red and blue oil paintings use surreal colour choices and female figures to explore concepts of identity and discovery of self. Playing with the perceptual experience and physiological response to colour, Booth uses the contrast of blues and reds to evoke feelings of tension and release. As vulnerabilities and strengths are examined, the moment of epiphany in the recognition of self is captured.
An accomplished live painter, Booth has exhibited and performed at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Varley Art Gallery, and in National Competitions for Art Battle Canada. Selected exhibitions include Nuvango Gallery in Toronto and La Bodega Gallery in San Diego. Her works are part of several private collections in Canada, the United States and England.



  • 2021
  • 30.5 x 40.6 x 3.8 cm

(sold!) Certainty

  • 2021
  • 20.32 x 25.4 x 3.81 cm
  • $300


  • 2019
  • 30.4 x 40.6 x 3.8 cm

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