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Montina Guiry

Find me at Stackt Market July 2-3. Booth 17.

Montina (b.1989) is a metis artist with a BFA in Drawing and Painting from OCAD University. She currently resides in Toronto painting nostalgic imagery fuzed with contemporary expressionism. Montina is in the studio daily, often collaborating with her toddler, creating original and commissioned work.

Each painting evolves as a wrestling match between loose, gestural paint and the restraint needed to pull it together into an emotionally charged subject. The varied themes blend and melt into each other within a highly saturated colour palette.

Montina's paintings explore subjects and emotions translated from ancestral healing, mediations, dreams, and repressed memories. Mirroring the human condition, each piece is full of overlapping marks of information. Her practice wrestles with the subconscious layers that make up the self and her painting is the vehicle for capturing these energies and directing them into a healing experience.


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