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Michelle Marin

Through my work, I honour the people in my life. My subjects are my neighbours, peers, family members and friends. Sometimes I paint their portraits, but more often I use still life and landscape compositions as a stand in for a person or a group of people whose stories weigh heavily on my mind. My intention is to illuminate the humanity of my subjects and to challenge which themes and people deserve representation in contemporary art.

I create two types of works on linen canvas - embroidery paintings (where the subject matter is all hand embroidered) and mixed media works (where the subject matter may be made up with fabric, yarn, acrylic paint, watercolour paint and/or colour pencil). These familiar materials act as a safe space for me to explore the hardship I observe my community facing, particularly in healthcare settings.

More of my work can be found at (where commissions can be ordered through my online store) or on instagram at @michellemarin_studio.

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