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Margot Roi

My aim is to make connections with you through abstracted conversations that link a personal meaning. I’m inspired by the tension/release dialogue that occurs during a painterly flow and the meditative moments in between.

My joyful relationship with colour drives a method of layering gestural marks and textures that move intuitively. I base this energetic narrative and process of building these chaotic celebrations on themes. I'm joining these individual themes/collections with threads of expressive reflection to initiate a thought-provoking and blissful experience.
My current collection TRACES focuses on a broken and dominant awakening force. I’ve been looking through lenses into tangible trace energies that I see moving in rotating spirals making/breaking connections.

To view other collections or to learn about my 35 years of exhibitions, art fairs, studio tours, and received awards please visit my website.
To schedule a video session or arrange a studio visit please contact me.


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