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Lori Goldberg

My ongoing series ‘Poetics of the Discarded’ serves to open up a dialogue about our relationship to our environment portraying the inner language of refuse sites. Within these sites there are mounds and mounds of history: the detritus of days spent, life and death, business, conveniences used, sentimental things broken and more. My quest is to examine the context of these middens and expose the sparks of beauty within. My paintings are multi- layered brushstrokes, shapes,color, lines, forms, colliding and slipping seamlessly together finding the way back to the natural world where they once belonged.
My work has been shown at major international exhibitions and hangs in many public and private collections. I consistently engage with local communities, building projects that involve art-making as a process of inquiry about climate change. I currently teach at ECUAD, and I am represented by Art Junction Gallery, BC and Philip Josef Glass Art Gallery, NY.


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