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Loren Kaplan

Loren has been a ceramic artist and teacher since the 90's and has achieved recognition for her work internationally. She was born in South Africa and moved to Canada in 2013.
Her obsession with making vessels began with depression and she took to the tactile and therapeutic qualities of clay from the start. For her, making vessels is all about making space; about making space for potential, because if there isn't that defined space then there isn't room for something to be held. Central to the existence of vessels are the notions of emptiness and fullness, for what is a vessel if not a form that contains something or nothing. Her experience with depression has taught her to embrace the idea of emptiness, as in emptiness there is potential. Her work has included porcelain lighting, ceramic bells, functional and sculptural one off pieces.
She loves collaborating with designers, architects and other clients doing custom work for specific spaces. HST included in pricing.

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