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Lisa Martini-Dunk

Lisa is a formally trained Fine Artist from Guelph/Peterborough. Lisa creates her visions with intaglio, woodcuts & scratchboard. She also likes to experiment with different mediums… She Won a poster contest for 2019 for National purebred dog day, which is May 1. Recently has been accepted into the Ontario Society of artists. Lisa art has a playfulness quality telling the story effervescent, which shows the impression of the ingenious. In the sublunary Space, where Earth, wind, water, and fire exist, the Aether exists as a fifth element. Aether is where unimaginable and unreasonable can become sensible and absolute. Aether is where life forces or other phenomena exist. Hot air Balloons travel through those spaces independent from life boundaries, where the whole picture of existence is observed. Animals become the Quinta essential. This arena where they to tell their stories- to be amused to be liberated from life's commonality

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