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Lisa Hannaford

Thank you for taking in my beautiful paintings of Georgian Bay. This is a major theme of my work. This iconic landscape is interpreted with layers of paint, marks with different tools and materials and gestural brushstrokes. My goal is to share the inspiration and joy that I feel in this mercurial place and to have you feel that connection, to bring back memories or give you a place to go to or dream about.

My work is in homes around the world and has brought years of enjoyment to my collectors

I work mostly in acrylic on birch panel but will often use charcoal, pencil, pastels to add interest to the layers as I build up my paintings. Much of my work is a result of plein air sketches, often in watercolour that I have made. There is nothing like painting on location - feeling the breeze, hearing the waves and putting that energy into my pieces. Commission work welcomed.

Come visit my studio at The Tremont Studios in Collingwood, ON…by chance or by appointment.


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