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Kima Lenaghan

I will be showing my work in-person at Stackt Market (by Bathurst & King) on July 8-9, 11am - 8pm. Come by!

I'm Kima, and my practice is primarily in drawing intimately detailed conceptual scenes. My work is often narrative, world-building from both personal experience and varied research, as a way to visualize meaning spun from life. I like to play within the paradox of what is both personal and universal. Many of my stories and symbols are first found through journalling or conversation, as a way to feel out symbolism that offers specificity to me and a dialogue to others.

I won the Best of Student Award at TOAF in 2018 and I currently teach Illustration and Observational Drawing at OCAD University.

Please feel free to reach out by email if you'd like to talk about my work.

*Consider checking back later for new art for the duration of the fair!*

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