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Janice Moorhead

A graduate from the University of Ottawa's Visual Arts program, I have been a practicing artist since 1985. Although well known across Canada for my glass art, in recent years I have chosen to pursue painting, as it is a much freer form of expression. What I love most, is the "unexpected". While I do start out with an idea, I never know exactly how anything will turn out. Three years ago, using the "room" as a structural element, I began a series of paintings, titled, "Interiors".
Shadows, paint drippings, textures, and "happy accidents" all play a strong role, transforming the mundane flat surfaces of wall and floor.
With the onset of the pandemic, I have found myself becoming more and more interested in abstraction, with the emphasis on the "outlines of everyday objects. Pieces of furniture are "non-functional", existing simply as "shapes" in space, designed to create movement within the visual field.


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