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Ivano Stocco

Hi! In my paintings I focus on the urban environment & on what I like to call middle grounds where wilderness and architecture—nature and culture—come together and intermingle. I like the idea of connecting social engagement with aesthetic pleasure, even more now that we've been apart, so human figures also feature prominently.

Technique-wise, my approach is both representational & abstract. I work in acrylic, spray, oil, & often incorporate elements of collage or stencilling.

Educated at York and the UoT, I currently maintain a studio in Guelph, L.A., & this upcoming year, in Valencia, Spain (long story - ask me).

I'll be at Stackt Market, the in-person part of TOAF60, on the July 10-11 weekend. I'm fully vaccinated and happy, also, to receive visits to my studio in Guelph.

Delivery options:
+ Free shipping throughout Canada
+ Happy to hand deliver in the GTA and Golden Triangle
+ Estimates provided for shipping abroad


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