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Holly Atkinson

Holly Atkinson is a Canadian artist who works from her studio in Guelph, Ontario. She received her degree in Art Education from Sheridan College and the University of Toronto.

Her love of multi mediums and exploration led to an interest in sculpting and mixed media, including bronze, gypsums, paper and fabric. She began sculpting in 1976 and has continued and evolved her style since then. Hollys’ sculptures are contemporary, unique and distinctive.

Having worked as a graphic artist, mural artist, and technician in the bronze casting industry, Atkinsons’ sculptures and wall relief tiles are a reflection of the world around her. Her travels and the people she has met or seen inspire her. One of a kind wall relief tiles are an extension of her sculpture, creations and imagination, offering collectors a part of her artistic expression.

Her work is found in Iceland, Europe and North America.
Holly is a member of The Sculptors’ Society of Canada and The Medallic Art Society of Canada.

3D Works


  • 2020
  • 35.5 x 12.7 x 12.7 cm
  • $2,200


  • 2020
  • 20.3 x 94 x 20.3 cm
  • $5,000

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