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Grace Croughan

Richmond Hill
Grace Croughan is inspired by the grandeur of mountains, and her art explores her idealized views of them.
Using light, textures and colours, she presents a stylized, moody and somewhat romanticized versions of the mountains in various atmospheric conditions and times of day.
She paints intuitively without reference photos to keep the work loose and suggestive, trying to capture the essence of her dream world. The moods range from serene, to joyful and magical.
She calls this work her mountain dreams.

Her technique: Grace works with acrylic paints on canvas and wood panels. Using molding paste she creates textures first. When dry she paints over them with many thin layers of paint to achieve subtle variations and depth.

Grace is a full time artist and graduate of OCAD in Advertising and Design.

See more available paintings on her website (direct link below)

Free shipping in Canada and mainland U.S.
For international orders, please email Grace for estimate


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