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Georges Robert (Trebor)

Ottawa - Gatineau
Thank you to the TOAF60 team, the jurors’ and sponsors’ for accepting my artwork in this year’s online event.

In essence, I am a self-taught, Ottawa born artist with my studio in Gatineau, Qc and my art is signed with the name “Trebor”. I consider myself an “experimental” artist creating my own painting techniques by combining oil and acrylic paints, adding mixed mediums and manipulating light and perspective to enrich my distinctive artwork.

My decision to become a professional artist six years ago was taken immediately after my first public show and was based on the instant success of my multi-style portfolio and my “colorist art” paintings. This last term, that now define my art form, was given by my peers who attend this event because they could not classify my paintings using established classifications. Since this first exhibition I have sold over 240 works of art.

During the TOAF60 virtual event, I will be presenting solely my colorist art works for your consideration.


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