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Eric Farache

My artwork expands upon the contemplative experience the viewer shares with art rather than collapse it into an instant or moment. I employ my own memories and life experience to create a very personal and idiosyncratic language that I draw upon to create my artwork.

These photographs for TOAF60 explore an ongoing interest in visual representation through multiple exposures and all effects are completed in camera on film, not through Photoshop- shot on a plastic camera called a Holga, susceptible to light leaks- I use the accidental nature of the camera to branch toward expansive story-telling through many images drawn together.

I graduated from the OCAD (’94) with time spent in Florence, Italy, and completed my MFA from the University of Leeds(’00). The past 20 years my artistic practice has focused on photography, water colour and oil painting all the while continually producing elaborate sketchbooks.

Photography & Digital Media

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