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Elsie Chiu

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I am a self taught artist working primarily with alcohol ink and acrylic ink on a variety of synthetic papers and surfaces. In 2016, I took a huge leap of faith and left the "corporate 9-5 world" after 20 years to pursue my passion for painting. Painting exhilarates and grounds me at the same time. It allows me to connect to a deeper side of me, giving me an emotional outlet and voice.

When painting, I use heat to control and manipulate the natural flow and fluidity of the ink. This process allows me to create an ethereal image vividly highlighted by its depth, colour and movement. My paintings are delicate, yet bold, playfully contrasting between light and dark. My body of work ranges from small delicate ink paintings to large scale abstraction full of movement and energy.



  • 2021
  • 61 x 92 x 0.4 cm
  • $550

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