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Divyanshi Rastogi

North York
Divyanshi was born in Lucknow, a city in Northern India. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Electronics and worked at an IT firm for 2 years but later turned to her love for painting that she cultivated growing up amongst a family of craftsmen who once worked to promote a local ancient textile craft of hand block printing on dazzling silk fabrics. Her paintings are born out of this collaboration between her and her heritage. It's a visual narrative of the exchange that goes on between the two in the studio as the artist discovers collectibles from her inheritance. New tales of the bygone eras are revealed and memories of the forgotten past rekindled. This concoction of wonderful Indian fabrics, antique brassware, intricate wooden designs, and their process of creation that once seemed ordinary are the central characters that come alive under a dramatic interplay of lights and shadows.
Have a story or a cherished curation of material memories? Let’s talk and give it a visual narrative.


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