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Danielle Beaulieu

Danielle is an award winning artist, juror and watercolour instructor and she showcases her work in solo shows and galleries.

Antiques hold mysterious knowledge waiting patiently to be revealed through my paintings. These common items are often overlooked by many people. I enjoy giving renewed life to them. While painting these subjects, I imagine the stories of the people who used the antiques in their common day to day activities. For example, an old sewing machine might have been used to sew the clothes for the children, to mend the farmer's pants or to sew a comforter to keep the family warm during cold winters.

Due to the nostalgic nature of my subjects, my art has a strong emotional content and is based on my perception, memories and experiences. I make every effort to create my paintings based on these three concepts, but most especially, my art must be timeless.


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