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Dan Crawford

Dan Crawford lives in Toronto. He is a visual arts graduate of Western. His career began in London Ontario after graduating from the Beal art program and at age 20 he travelled in Great Britain and Europe for 5 months visiting art museums and monuments. This experience reinforced his commitment to continue as an artist and a teacher.

He had exhibitions at Museum London, the St Thomas-Elgin Public Art Centre, the Art Gallery of Windsor and private galleries in London and Toronto. Collections are in Museum London, McDonalds, Western and privately.

One area of interest is the still life as a visual metaphor to investigate ideas in paintings, drawings, prints and sculpture in various media. Selecting everyday objects in carefully placed compositions allows explorations in media/technique and contrasts, light/dark, transparent/opaque, scale, colour and texture. A dialogue begins, a story conveyed beyond fidelity to the outward appearance of objects. Objects become characters in a story.


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