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Christy Chor

Christy Chor received her BA in Craft and Design from Sheridan College with high honors. She has participated in many local and international art exhibitions and has received several academic and art scholarships. Before moving to Canada from Hong Kong to study ceramics, she has a wealth of professional experiences (architectural graphics, brand communication, marketing, and art installation projects). She is a nature lover and storyteller. Her belief is all about “Back to Nature.” Nature is the source of her inspiration. The majesty of the landscape, the orchestra of wildlife, and life experience are the natural flow of energy. Her series of ceramic works emphasizes the contrast between poetic moments and chaotic happenings in nature. With a combination of raw clays and non-biodegradable particles, she has sculpted a landscape, combining representations of natural elements such as clouds, waves, stones, sand, and fossils.

Craft & Design

(sold!) Pureland

  • 2021
  • 50 x 20 x 23 cm
  • $1,300

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