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Cat Marchese

Cat is an ardent creative, passionate about reviving historical building blocks through photography. She has always been fascinated by wilder environments, forsaken institutions & urban decay. The structural remains of these once peopled places – their ghostly bones – are as intriguing to her as their shed historical skin. Digging through the cast-offs from dilapidated structures, she exhumes the mud bones of what once was.

Citybonez™️ pays photographic homage to our stately skeleton, the building blocks manufactured by brickyards dating back to 1889, offering a glimpse into the wardrobe of our collective architecture. Cat's images preserve relics from many historical brickmakers which produced bricks for such venerable landmarks as Massey Hall, Casa Loma, & the Ontario Legislature. Within our built environment, we find the continuous cycle of human destruction and creation.

Limited edition prints. Commissions & custom sizes available. Be in touch!

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