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Carrie Chisholm

I have built my practice on reinterpreting designer product photography, exploring the tension between desire and fulfillment through warped depictions of opulent objects. The photography encounters a botched developing at the hands of blind contour drawing and layers of paint, shattering the intended perspective, resulting in a no less alluring, radically altered view.

I am fascinated with the concept of prestige as both an illusion or conjuring trick as generated in the world of high fashion to elevate the banal into the extraordinary, and the powerful lure of lifestyle, the pursuit of happiness that can result from such illusions, promising personal betterment through acquisition.

'Cause there's beauty in the breakdown.' - Imogen Heap

2D Works


  • 2021
  • 91.44 x 122 x 4 cm
  • $4,950

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