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Carolyn Lee

Butterflies are a symbol of rebirth. Slow and earthbound then bright and ethereal.
This speaks to my idea of our life cycle.
My new work reflects the pleasure I have of using leather, clay, colour, natural forms and rusty treasure. I combine different media to form these wondrous creatures. These unique pieces are a product of trial, error and happy accidents.
Always learning, I strive to achieve balanced, cohesive sculptures.
While most insects are real, some are straight from my imagination.
All my creatures are intricately wired and sewn together so, although fragile in appearance they are very sturdy.
I am happy to create a custom sculpture combining your favorite butterfly or moth with my overall style.
An information card about the insect is included with each piece.
Whenever I can I like to deliver my work personally. When that's not practical, shipping charges will be calculated on an individual basis.

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