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Baz Kanold

Hi, I'm Baz Kanold. I'm a recent graduate of the Fine Arts program at the University of Waterloo. My work often centers around the fluidity of gender and is a celebration of the queer identity. Most of the works I have featured for sale are from a series called "Dysphoria", which focuses on my experience with gender dysphoria as a trans person.

To me, gender dysphoria is a form of aberration, a deviance, a glitch. It is a contrast of connection and disassociation from parts of the body. Because of that, this series of digital paintings encapsulates contrast in several forms. Working digitally, I capture the concept of glitching in its truest form. These flickers of pixels and bars add a layer of confusion and uncertainty, a questioning of one’s self. These digital artworks each focus on specific parts disconnected from the whole, patchworked together with pieces that don’t seem to fit.

All of the pieces for purchase are limited edition signed prints.

Photography & Digital Media

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