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B.Ng (pronounced ‘being’) is nickname of Bao Nguyen, a Vietnamese Canadian who excels in visual arts notably at Canterbury Arts in Ottawa, digital animation at Algonquin college. Polka Square is the first body of work from his stream of experimentation. Colorful and fun, a good place to begin introducing his work.

It’s Springtime. Organic curves are growing out of control, spurting colors everywhere, threatening picture harmony. Being an opposing visual element, the mechanical squares come out to the rescue. They must seduce and tame the exuberant curves. But how do they attract the attention of something already so colorful? By polka squaring, of course, a simple dance to show off their wholesome squareness and dazzles a different kind of color. The color of material riches – gold, silver and copper.

Opposite attracts. The squares’ only hope is to score and bring back visual harmony, and set the stage for the next generation – future bodies of work with theme in nature and biology.



  • 2021
  • 51 x 41 x 4 cm
  • $1,200

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