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Aurora Pagano

Pagano combines relationships in nature, the human journey, culture, and the environment to inspire her art. She immerses herself in extensive research while developing each body of work. Translating content into figurative symbolism, she creates richly narrative compositions with elements of theatrical drama. Illusory effects are characteristic of the delicate encaustic or laying approach she achieves with mixed media, pearlescent or reflective pigments, and metals used in various combinations. "Below the Surface" is a series, pairing human attitudes, cultural standards, and behaviors with those of sea life. Pagano has worked as an arts educator for 30 years developing enriched curricula for youth across Toronto. She has curated interdisciplinary festivals and designed regional and national projects to foster community, raise social awareness, and empower leadership through the arts. Pagano is a published illustrator and has exhibited in galleries across the GTA.


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