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Anne Winter

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I am an urban observer. My art is a collection of observations on our built environment. I delve into issues like transit, density, heritage preservation, and more recently, the impacts on residents, especially suburban residents, of life lived increasingly online. My challenge as an artist is to interpret issues facing cities today in a visually compelling way.

I use a variety of construction materials including tile, metal and glass. The materials are painstakingly cut, shaped and adhered to a wood base. Each work typically takes a number of months to complete. Many works incorporate materials scavenged from the Leslie Street Spit. I get a certain amount of satisfaction at reusing pieces from Toronto's demolished buildings in new works. Cities are complex. They consist of many parts. And like the mosaics that make up the body of my work all the parts are interconnected.

As a lifelong Torontonian I've seen many changes in our city over the years. It continues to inspire me.

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