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Amazing Moss Park Art Collective

Amazing Moss Park Art Collective, located and named after Moss Park, in downtown Toronto. Our mission is to see the Moss Park neighbourhood reinstated as a hub of artistic activity in Toronto.
Cultural Vision- to allow accessibility to all levels of artists. The Collective was seeded from 2004-08 on Queen St E, across from Moss Park. Creating social change locally with marginalized communities, monetary support for cancer patients, helping fund raise & build hospice at Wounded Knee, the first 15,000 pound humanitarian grassroots airlift and establishing first girl's library in Afghanistan, ... enabling artists to be change makers.
ACA Gallery believed art could change the world, founded/curated by Carol Mark.
BENEFIT- Allow support and greater exposure not available to artists and emerging artists. Allows us to open our membership to other area artists located downtown in the most diverse socioeconomic area. Engaging community artists to support the community.

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