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Christy Chor is an emerging ceramic artist and has a BA degree in Ceramics from Sheridan College, Canada in 2020. Recently, she has received William and Mary Corcoran Craft Award 2020 from Ontario Arts Foundation. Before, She graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Graphic Communications) and has a wealth of professional experience in architectural graphics, advertising, marketing, brand communication and project management with international artists on art Installation projects. She is a nature lover and storyteller. Her belief is all about “back to nature”.

Nature is the fountain of her inspirations. The majesty of the landscape, the orchestra of wildlife and the experience of life are all part of the flow of life. She likes to observe and capture the grace and poetry of movements. The flow, the tranquility, the awe, and dynamic vitality of creatures, moments of solidarity, heartfelt interactions between humans are stimuli for immersive imagination.

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