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Win is a Toronto painter who embraces creativity daily. Her process evolves from impromptu gestural sketches in pencil and gouache to finished paintings on canvas and board.

Win has worked in a number of interdisciplinary fields, including education, media and creative production. She is also committed to volunteering in her community.

Scottish-born, and of Irish parentage, Win grew up in Canada and together with her husband has raised three children, all of whom are working in the arts.

“I would often visit art fairs and engage with other artists and know, in my soul, that I too want to be a part of this creativity. A personal commitment in the last four years to my creative roots, through the discipline of continuing education, mentorship, creativity and community, has resulted in a heightened visual awareness and confidence in my drawing and painting.”

“I am inspired by moments in time and the inner essence of people, objects and environments.”

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