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I am currently a fourth year student at Concordia University in the Fine Arts program for painting and drawing. I have focused on portraiture but have recently started to layer text, props and scenery into my paintings to elicit imagery of a falsely advertised utopia. Initially, I was inspired during a course called “The Art History of Las Vegas” where we analyzed government propaganda from the United States during the Cold War. I have always had an interest in the past and have collected samples of old magazines, advertisements and propaganda over the years. There is an absurdity to our past and present realities that I want to make obvious in my paintings, transforming everyday faces to provoke unsettling gut feelings.

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TOAF 2020



  • 2020
  • 102 x 152 x 5 cm
    40 3/16 x 59 13/16 x 1 15/16 inch

Be Seeing You

  • 2019
  • 121.92 x 152.4 x 5 cm
    48 x 60 x 1 15/16 inch
  • $2500.00


  • 2020
  • 152.4 x 152.4 x 5 cm
    60 x 60 x 1 15/16 inch
  • $5000.00

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