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I have spent my entire life compelled to create art. A circuitous path to be sure, expressed in almost every subject and media available, culminating in a return to what I know best - our natural world and the Wildlife that call it home. I believe my MĂ©tis heritage is instrumental in my relationship to our environment, the primordial DNA of my ancestors boiling a deep respect of our world into my marrow. I hope you find my work a bit mysterious, surprising, evocative and thoughtful. That's how I experience and interpret our natural world and the creatures that inhabit it. I am inspired by those precious and surprising moments when you accidentally stumble into the world of a wild animal, and get that momentary and fleeting glimpse of it's majesty and scope, without anticipating it. I want my work to elicit the same emotional response of having been witness to something unique and greater than ourselves.

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