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Toronto based photographer and artist Steve Kean is originally from Sudbury, Ontario. He has been living in Toronto for more than 25 years. Kean came to photography while in high school where, ironically, he was failing art class. His disability made it difficult for him to draw or paint, but he still had a burning need to create art. A camera was the answer for him.

Steve has been participating in the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair for several years, and in 2017 was named "Best in Photography & Digital Media" for his series entitled, "Moving Landscapes". See more of his work on his website.

2020 will see the debut for a new series by Steve. Entitled, The "Texture of Memory" and it is the beginning of an exploration of ideas founded in the Japanese aesthetic. Central in the work are three ideas: nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect. The moments in memory may not last, nor will these images, but for now they are here, and so are we all.

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