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Salvatore G. F. Crimi is a Toronto based multidisciplinary artist concerned with photography (@crimisignature_photo), furniture building (@relic_creations_to) and painting, all while holding a full-time job. Focusing on photography, he utilizes natural lighting and personal perspective while shooting his subject matter to deliver striking and emotional photographs. It is important to note Salvatore is self-taught in all disciplines with the exception of introductory high school courses in photography. Salvatore has been captivated with multiple exposure photography and its ability to move a photograph from 2D to 3D and through time. For the past two years Salvatore has built a photographic series of work titled Spark T.O. in which he utilizes archive photos in conjunction with his own photos shot in the same spot as the archive photo. The products highlight the growth of a place through time in which all viewers can relate to with their own personal meaning.

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TOAF 2020

Photography & Digital Media

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