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Consume. Dispose. Re-Consume.

Sabrina Bilic

This work consists of 100 pill bottles and is a commentary on how we consume a mass amount of products and do not pay attention to how we dispose of them. The idea of the "re-consumption" comes from the fact that a lot of our garbage goes into the earth that we grow our food on and in the water we drink from. It is meant to give the harsh reality of how many of us neglect to dispose of materials correctly and in hand, we end up consuming the trash we thought we got rid of.
  • 3D Works
  • Pill Bottles, Pill Capsules, and Found objects
  • 2019
  • 183 x 5 x 4 cm
    72 1/16 x 1 15/16 x 1 9/16 inch

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