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My work is informed by mass consumption, fast culture and fast waste. While we should to be living in a post consumer era,, we are not, and as a prolific artist I have made a conscious decision to reuse old paintings in more contemporary works. As a child of immigrants, recycling comes naturally; I don’t need to expend much effort to be more mindful about wastage. Those items destined for the recycle bin, newspapers, food packaging, fabric, coffee sleeves and denim occupy their own space in my portrait collages. Layers of paper are applied to the surface and are scraped, etched into, cut and dug out much like an archaeologist digging back to reveal treasures from the past.

Please visit my gallery at to see my abstract expressionist work with encaustic wax.

Visit my Instagram for current work

Email me for any questions or commissioned work, I would love to work with you.

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