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Nicola Woods is a fine art photographer born in England and now living in Toronto. Driven by her mission to raise awareness of the benefits provided by both wild and urban trees she creates shimmering tree portraits that resemble historical photographic techniques such as daguerreotypes and ambrotypes. Designed to emulate the light shimmering through a tree canopy or the glow of sunshine through a leaf, Nicola’s art will bring the beautiful energy of trees into your home.

For TOAF Nicola is offering two series of work: survivor trees and support trees. Survivor trees grow on what was once land covered by forests and is now farmed. The lone tree grows amidst farmed fields providing a haven for mammals, birds, and insects. Support trees have charity Abbey’s Goal rainbow ribbons tied around them to show support for frontline workers during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Discover more by following Nicola on Instagram @nicolawoodsart or sign up for her mailing list:

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