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I have a deep affinity to the land and paint in direct response to a powerful connection to the topography and flora of Northern Ontario.
My work is introspective, and in a sense, romantic: drawing upon my experience in nature, the conventions of map making, and upon imagination. My paintings are process driven: a physical and intuitive exploration of mark making through the application of oil paint and cold wax, oil sticks, graphite and dry pigment. Through repeated layering of paint, scraping it back and drawing into, the work is gradually resolved. I aim to capture the atmosphere and spirit of place in this process akin to nature’s cycles of erosion and decay, renewal and growth.
I have painted full time for over 20 years, and am represented by several galleries throughout Ontario. My work is available for purchase, for viewing, or for a trial in home by contacting me directly. I am pleased to deliver without charge within the GTA and a bit beyond. I happily accept commissions.

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