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Originally from Seoul, Korea, She is Canadian artist. Her work explores the human existence by examining and reconciling diverse identities and heritages, as well as the compelling forces of beauty and desire. She studied design and patisserie, before becoming intrigued with ceramics. As a recipient of the Cecil Lewis Sculpture Scholarship, she completed Masters in Fine art at Chelsea College of Arts in UK before undertaking her professional practice in Europe and Japan. Brimming with personal anecdotes and engaging narratives, her work has been exhibited in USA, UK, and Germany, including a solo exhibition at the Clay and Glass gallery. She was also a recipient of many awards, including the Canada Council for the Arts grants and Ontario Arts Council grants, and Toronto Outdoor Art Fair’s the Best of Ceramics.

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TOAF 2020

Craft & Design


  • 2018
  • 57 x 63 x 60 cm
  • $1800.00

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