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Jessica Peters obtained her B.A in visual arts in 2009, from UQAM. She his represented by Galerie Simon Blais (Montreal) and her work has been shown in many group and solo shows in Québec, Montreal(Art mûr, Galerie Simon Blais), Toronto (TOAE) and New-York. (Volta Art Fair, Nancy Margollis Galery) Architecture has been at the heart of her paintings for over a decade now. Through acrylic and recently collage, she exploits the plastic qualities of the subjects she portrays as much as those that characterize the medium she uses. The coexistence between the organic elements of the landscape and the architectural structures is very important in her work, one represented by a free gesture and a fluid medium, the other by sharp edges and a rich material. In her collages, we see ambiguous landscapes, fragmented in many little pieces, where reality and fiction intermingle and where perspective can be confusing.

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