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Originally from Ohio, Jeff moved to Toronto in 2010. He continues his Art Studio and exhibitions in several Toronto venues. He enjoys and has a strong body of commission work and requests. This is Jeffs 2nd year in the TOAF. Typically a painter of flora & fauna but has experimented with and painted cuckoo clocks for years. He has remained faithful to his love of flora & fauna until this year when he took his signature style, use of colour and once again turned his interest to time. Interest that of course was impacted by the global pandemic and quarantine when all we had was time. His approach is to research and take certain aphorisms around time and translate them into versions of the classic clock. "Cuckoo’s are whimsical, playful, as well at times, strange and intriguing. They can be a terrific hieroglyph. Cuckoo clocks are steeped in history which can ground you in the present, make you think of the past and hopefully look forward to the future. I want my clocks to tell a story".

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